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Deniz Aktay

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product design

Project description:

The idea of “BACKUP” is to rethink the “freely playable” concept of a flat area offered by classic desks because this freedom comes along with great disorder. “BACKUP” cleans up and keeps things organized, especially in the context of a more and more complex and all-digital world.

The used materials are pure and simple. It is made up of multiple plywood sheets with a linoleum covering.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

“BACKUP” ‘s main idea are the three areas generated on the tabletop. The work area maintains space for your daily used objects and accessoires that needs to be within reach.

The gap area is the special carrying the concept‘s main idea – here you can put everything that needs to be in sight and ready to hand. The angular gap shape makes it very suitable for media devices.

The deposit area manages all of your utensils that doesn‘t necessarily have to be ready to hand like screens, speakers, books, docking stations and many more.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

“BACKUP” is designed to work as a daily support for the new digital sensibility by enhancing it with storage possibilities for general technological equipment and devices.

The three areas generated on the top are meant to help the final user to keep things organized and stored. As working from home becomes the new normal a clean working environment becomes more and more important.

Here “BACKUP” will help mastering the user’s working day by offering him multiple ways to keep things organized.

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