The Rules

How to apply
(Call for Entries is now closed)

Soon, we will reveil the shortlisted projects!

Selection Process

Selection Criteria



Call for Entries: from October 10th (2022) to January 31st (2023)

Designers, Startups and Companies are invited to submit their projects. If eligible, entrants receive a confirmation email (within 24h) and enter the second phase of the selection process (Payment and Submission).


Participants who are admitted to the Award (eligible projects), are invited to complete their registration and submit their projects:

Super early bird: 120€ – Deadline: 17 October, 2022

Early bird fee: 170€ – Deadline: 31 October, 2022

Regular fee: 250€ – From 1 November (2022) to 31 January (2023)

Call for Entries is now closed


*VAT will be applied to Italian residents


At the beginning of February (2023), we will announce the shortlisted projects:

• 30 finalists are announced for the product design category

• 10 finalists are announced for the concept design category


All shortlisted projects will be published on the DesignWanted Award website.


February 2023, the Jury will make its selection, choosing:

• 10 winners for the product design category

• 3 winners for concept design category


End of February (2023)

Winners announced!


Milan, 17-23 April (2023)

Winners will showcase their products and concepts at the DesignWanted Exhibition space located inside the brand new DesignTech (MIND)


Does the product serve its purpose successfully?

Is the user experience simple and effective?

Can the product be used without explanation?


Does the product satisfy current tastes/trends in terms of aesthetics?

Does it have the potential to identify and establish a new trend?

Can the product be considered iconic or timeless?


How memorable is the product?

Is there a unique story behind the ideation, production and purpose of use?

Is there a surprise element, does it prompt a “wow” reaction or emotional response?


Does the product perform a disruptive function/serve an ingenious and futuristic purpose?

In case of concepts / prototypes, how realistic is it for the product to become reality?

Market potential

Is the product needed? Does it have market potential?

Is it solving a real problem?

How relevant is the social context and target user?

What is the quantity and quality of competing products?

Environment responsibility

Is there a conscious use of materials and/or production processes?

How circular is the product?

Has the company/designer considered the entire product lifecycle?

Social responsibility

Society: does the solution address current social problems?

People: does it generate opportunities and benefits for the individual?

Communities: does it foster integration between different people/communities/minorities?


Is the product presented in an appealing way?

Does it include all necessary information (incl. ideation, research, development, materials, processes, etc.)?

Are these elements communicated clearly?

Who can participate in the award?

In support of the democratic nature of design, the programme allows anyone with talent to compete.

Designers, Design Studios, Startups and Companies, are welcome to enter the DesignWanted Award.

Which product categories can be entered for the Award?

The DesignAward Award accepts submissions from a wide range of categories:

Household furniture, Household appliances, Homewares and accessories, Home office accessories, Bathroom and sanitary equipment, Lighting design, Outdoor furniture, Babies and children accessories, Personal care & wellness, Homecare devices, Wearables Lifestyle accessories, Consumer electronics, Packaging, Materials and surfaces.

Since innovative projects do not necessarily fit into existing categories, any other project relating to products for the home, under the theme ‘Smart Home’, is welcome.

For more information, check out the ‘Award’ section.

What types of entries do you accept?

DesignWanted Award gives designers and companies the chance to exhibit material products or ideas that have not yet been fully realised.

You can compete in the:

• Product Design category

• (and/or) the Concept Design category

For more info, visit the ‘Award’ section.

Why did you choose the ‘Smart Home’ macro theme and not the individual product categories?

Life has changed over the last two years, completely altering our perception of home design, and what impact smart design can have on our lives and wellbeing.

For this reason, the theme of the first edition of the DesignWanted Award is SMART HOME, which hopes to answer the question: How can we improve our home experiences?

DesignWanted Award is looking for products and ideas that improve the quality of life, think–gadgets that make homes more sustainable, or handcrafted objects designed to solve one of life’s many daily difficulties.

It may or may not include tech, or it might be a hybrid solution, as long as it’s designed to make home life…smarter!

Products will be judged alongside competing projects that will be selected because of the way they impact and improve people’s daily lives as a result of their smart function and positive effect on our habits and/or activities.

Are there any limits to the size of the product presented?

Yes, we have defined some limits in relation to the theme of the call, that is the home environment.

Maximum dimensions allowed: 80 cm x 150 cm x 80 cm.

For any doubt, feel free to contact us at

How many projects can I enter?

Up to 3.

Each product will go through a dedicated selection process.

This means that for each product admitted to the second phase you will have to bear the registration cost.

When will I know if I am eligible, after my application?

Within 24 hours.

How do I pay and register?

If your application is considered eligible, you will receive an email from our team confirming your participation in the DesignWanted Award.

The e-mail will contain all the instructions and the payment link you will need to complete your registration and submission.

Do I have to submit immediately after payment?

No, you don’t have to do it right away, but we advise you not to let too much time pass.

Once you have paid, you will have access to your reserved account. From here, under ‘submit project’ you can enter the information and materials at any time, until the end of the call.

So, take your time to make sure your submission is well done.

Note: once the submission has been submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it yourself, but you will need to contact our team. This, to ensure that projects are not modified at the last, with contents other than the original ones for which your application was considered eligible.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee, which you pay only after your admission to the Award, includes your participation in the same, the various selection steps and, in the event of your placement in the shortlist or among the winners, the related prize (see here).

What does the registration fee not include?

The fee does not include, and therefore does not cover, all logistic costs (of products and people) and other costs not explicitly indicated.

If you are among the 10 winners of the ‘Product Design’ category, you will be responsible for the shipping costs of the product (to/from Milan) and for any personal travel / accommodation expenses.

When will I know if I am among the winners?

Based on the steps described under the ‘selection process’ tab on this page, we will announce the winners at the end of February 2023. A that time, all winners will receive the necessary instructions to manage the product delivery.

I have other questions, who can I contact?

Feel free to contact us, at any time, at