Author(s) name:

Laure Gremion

Company Name:

Laure Gremion studio


product design

Project description:

Calenda is a perpetual calendar made out of concrete. A simple movement slides the central element to the next day in a poetic way.

It is made of two separate parts : the days of the months, as the external shape and the days of the week on the inner shape. Both shapes are notched in order to allow us to read the day we are living now.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

The idea was to rethink the concept of a calendar and make it a sculptural and playful object. Its singular circular shape allows us to see the passing of time until infinity.

The smart detail is that the design is carefully designed to enable the two parts (days and months to align perfectly with notches. It is also a technical success as its extremely thin shape highly challenges the concrete and makes it become super light.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

As today we use our phones for everything, and also for our agenda, it is very nice to have a physical object again.

Calenda ‘s shape invites the user to play and it is a gentle reminder that time is passing by. Opposed to classical disposable calendars, this object can be passed to the next generations and will never be outdated!

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