Elevation Lamp

Author(s) name:

Alexander Schul

Company Name:

Alexander Schul Design


product design

Project description:

Light is a medium, which strongly affects the appearance of a space. In times of covid19 we spend more time in our private interiors, therefore I was interested in investigating light as a medium to bring refreshing change into our homes.

The “Elevation Lamp“ enables the user to simply set different light atmospheres. From direct, indirect, to decorative light.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Light and sculptural quality of a lamp are usually in the foreground when designing, but not with this lamp. Both features are also relevant in this design, but not primary. The core of the project, the innovation is the focus on interaction between light and people.

My curiosity and research focused on light phenomena, scenarios and the interactions of such. I was fascinated by this topic during Covid19 because light is an effective tool to change the mood and perception of an interior space. As I experimented with different lighting effects during my research, I discovered that not only light effects are interesting, but also playing/interacting with them.

In terms of interacting with the light and the mechanism behind it, my goal was to make it as intuitive as possible. So I designed a clip that goes around the center stick and holds the lampshade. My inspiration were clothespins, which I used when building mock-ups to attach different lampshades. Clothespins or clips are frequently used objects by many, so the adjustment mechanism of the lampshade can be understood intuitively.

The lamp allows the user to switch between several lighting effects. In the lowest position, the light exiting the cone is reflected downwards by a reflector. If you push the lampshade further up, the light hits more and more a polished plexiglass plate, which diffuses the light in the room. If you push the lampshade even higher, some of the light starts to pass by the edge of the lampshade, creating a decorative eclipse effect on the ceiling. Thus, depending on your preference, you can set dimmed, indirect, diffused or decorative light.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

Lamps can so much more than just being used to illuminate to a room. Lamps can create atmospheres, provide change and thus can be a tool for the user to adapt their environment quickly and easily according to their mood.

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