Flis tabel modules

Author(s) name:

Jonas Finkeldei

Company Name:

Finkeldei design


product design

Project description:

Flis stands for a static-looking, but modularly implemented table system. Table legs and desktop are attached to each other by detachable semi-finished connectors.

Different leg lengths and desktop formats are compatible and can be extended in length. The furniture, which grows along with the house, is to be manufactured inexpensively by craftsman‘s businesses and strengthen local production.

The table modules can be repaired and replaced. A painting table can thus be transferred to a desk.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

The connection between table top and leg has been interpreted in a slide-on way.

The tool-free adjustment of the table modules not only saves space during storage or transport, but also offers the possibility to connect certain modules and create tablescapes.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

The background to the development was to design a piece of furniture that is suitable for district use and remains in the user’s inventory for a long time. In the future, this will only be possible on a local level.

Flis is a table system that can be manufactured inexpensively due to its uncomplicated production, even in medium-sized joineries. Seeing products as a service, refurbishing them or having them exchanged module by module on site enables circular action.

In addition, users have a contact person and more options for action than buying a new product.

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