Grow Lamp

Author(s) name:

Nicolas Riano, Strahinja Spasojevic

Company Name:

Moss Forms


concept design

Project description:

Designed around real human experience – Grow Lamp is a multifunctional product that provides a modular approach to plant growth.

Through its simple design, Grow Lamp’s high-strength grow light and self-watering system seamlessly optimize all aspects of the plant growing process.

The removable planter is powered by the lamp’s wireless charging base which the user can utilize for any compatible device while their plant catches some sun.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Inspired by successful urban environments, we studied the use of rooftops as vertical gardens in cities with limited farmland and aimed to replicate this multifunctional approach for the individual.

Equipped with a powerful LED bulb and a built-in dimmer system, Grow Lamp not only optimizes plant growth but also serves as a versatile light source for your home. The rotating head and dimmer allow you to easily switch between full spectrum light for plant growth and warm light for ambient lighting.

Grow Lamp’s self-watering cup continuously recycles water throughout the planter, repurposing nutrients and reducing water consumption. The planter runs on a low-voltage water pump that is optimized to water plants regularly. When the planter battery is running low, simply place it on the inductive charger with built-in magnets to properly secure it on the base.

The wireless base can also charge compatible products, creating modularity in its use of electricity.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

Grow Lamp simplifies the plant-growing process. By addressing the pain points of current consumer hydroponic systems, such as lack of simplicity and steep learning curves, Grow Lamp can seamlessly automate the plant-growing experience and provide an approachable, intuitive, and well-designed hydroponic system to the market.

This is accomplished by removing visual distractions and focusing on overall user satisfaction – making it a long-lasting addition to any home.

We want to make sure you have a product that not only fulfills your simple gardening needs but also creates a meaningful connection between you and the future of urban farming.

When you love a product you also love everything it stands for.

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