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Mario Alessiani

Company Name:

Mario Alessiani


concept design

Project description:

HMMR is an hammer designed for non-professional use or situations where you do not need big performances.

Users sometimes just need something to fix a nail or make some additional pressure, so I always saw the hammers that you buy like overdesigned for these simple purposes. Co-injections, multiple materials, super ergonomy are too much, expecially if we think how much effort it is needed for production and disposal.

This hammer is made with a very simple production process and with one material. So it can be produced fast, it is long lasting and, if one day it have to be thrown in the trash, it is monomaterial and can be easily recycled.

We are surrounded with complicated objects, like electronics, which follow maket criteria and trends to be appealing. Some objects do not need complicated processes and are over designed to follow market rules.

Sometimes you need something that works well and it is long lasting without adding too much value, like good old tailor’s scissors.

I wanted to reset what I have saw in all my life. Imagine to ask someone to fast draw an hammer, everyone has an icon in mind and knows what to draw. I decided to eliminate that icon and think: “how can I fix a nail?”.

Then I created a shape simply folding a tube, using less material and manufacturing process as possible, respecting the object balance and functionality.

The result is unconventional but understandable, even if it is a form never used for an hammer, you can understand what it is and how to use it.

The handle has been left free of gum or other materials to preserve the monomateriality. It works well also with slightly sweaty hands, but in alternative you can use work gloves.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

The product is a concept, so it has not been designed with a company or a brand in mind. For this reason I was totally free to make something game challenging.

What I think that is that someone will invest in it, with the right amount of money spent in communication, people can understand the sustainability of this design and use this approach also to buy new things.

I think also companies need to read this message and this is why I decided to compete for a prize, because I want to spread the word.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

I think that we really need technology and good products to fully live the contemporary, but in some cases we can slow a little bit.

Some objects for home usage (but not exclusively) work good with one material, simple shapes and few functions, like a glass for water, a wooden tray or a simple nail.

This project wants to be that simple for everyday lightly use.

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