KOPĀ – dining table

Author(s) name:

Clara Brandt

Company Name:

Clara Brandt


product design

Project description:

The high quality design includes a round dining table with various inserts. KOPĀ inspires users to explore new ways of interacting with each other while preparing food with pleasure.

The removable inserts in the table’s center, which can be used to temper, divide, rotate and turn the table, are its characteristic feature.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Made of FSC-certified wood and without the use of composite materials, the design can be recycled by type. Thanks to the table’s clever design, food can be easily reached from each side.

CNC milling allows for the four conical table legs to be firmly screwed into the table’s underside with form fitting accuracy.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

KOPĀ is a multifunctional table concept, that encourages users to engage in new dining habits. Strengthening the sense of community, users automatically eat more slowly and with greater awareness.

The multipurpose design targeting food and beverage preparation, service and presentation is perfect for at home use as well as for events.

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