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Theodore Simon

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product design

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[Bachelor’s diploma project at ECAL, Switzerland]

During my previous studies in Microengineering, my curiosity in the technical nature of production was sharpened, particularly towards the elastic properties of different materials. « Lari » stems from a research on compliant mechanisms which make use of that elasticity to provide motion, reducing the number of parts, thus simplifying production and facilitating recycling.

This kitchen scale, entirely of plastic, is composed of three parts. The ingredients are disposed on the tray which is linked to the base by two flexible parallel beams. This allows the tray to stay level. The second part is a flexible indicator actuated by the movement of the tray. An arrow slides on the side allowing calibration to zero.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Lari is a result of the simplification of the production process for a kitchen scale. It makes use of the material’s elastic properties to move which minimizes the number of parts needed for the product.

It is also made of one single material and without electronics, which allows the product to be recycled easily at the end of its life.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

The design of the scale is minimal and its rectangular shape allows the scale to be easily put away for storage. The mechanism is visible and nothing is hidden from the user which also offers a didactic approach to using everyday objects.

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