ORI – your everyday light

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Samriti Gosain, Neeraj R Jawale

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concept design

Project description:

We Humans have a very strong connection with nature. Its varying light affects us in more ways than we know, Among many benefits of light is how natural light can influence our emotions. It holds the power to alter our mood.

ORI is a mood light lamp, inspired from the colors of the sky. It gives us the freedom to recreate the effects of natural light in our home. We can manually choose the light from our favorite time of the day irrespective of what time it is.

Ori is designed as a statement piece for our homes and drives its form from the Sun itself, the main source of light known to man. The main body of the light is designed in a way to create a sun-like light effect on the surface.

The ring frame of the light is integrated with a feather touch panel that regulates the light. The touch-points are positioned on the frame surface like the minutes on the clock.

By simply swiping on this surface, it lets you choose the hue of light that represents that time of the day.

With its pre-set function it even lets you save your favorite light color of the day and control the intensity of light too.

Now you have the freedom to create sunrise or sunset as per your desire.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Ori is a simple looking product but holds a deep meaning to it, it is not just inspired from nature but in sync with it.It’s simple and elegant form acts as a clock which synchronizes its light to the time of the day.

The interaction with the light by simply swiping your hand across the surface complements its form and function and gives the user a haptic interaction in today’s remote controlled generation .

ORI represents a technology that blends few established technologies in a novel and imaginative way. The result is a smart design that enhances our connection to technology while keeping us grounded in the beauty of nature and its elements.

This unique fusion sets ORI apart as a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

In today’s digitally controlled world, Ori tries to forge a unique experience for the end user.

It allows the user to create a more intimate relation with light and provides the users with an experience which is much more than just a light. Its interaction and its effect on the user creates a deeper connection between both.

The form and the proportions of the product are inspired from the Sun and it gives a zen-like feeling. The simple style of the product goes well with most of the furniture in the room and is designed be like a statement piece in your home.

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