Author(s) name:

Tim Schuetze, Max Hausmann

Company Name:

studio sugar


product design

Project description:

From sunset to dawn, artificial light sources illuminate our lives. As soon as the daylight fades, we look for places that are illuminated. And even though artificial light is our constant companion, we go from light source to light source instead of taking our light with us.

Vespertine combines the archetype of the familiar ceiling lamp with mobile lighting technology. Hanging from the ceiling as a pendant light, Vespertine charges the integrated batteries for mobile use.

With a simple motion, the magnetic plug releases and Vespertine becomes a portable light source for activities beyond the daylight, curating lighting moods both indoors and outdoors.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

As the main feature, Vespertine counters the inconvenient aspect of battery lights with an innovative yet simple charging process.

When snapping the luminaire into the pendant plug, it flashes gently to indicate charging and a magnetic matrix ensures proper positioning and a secure hold.

With a simple twist on the lock ring, the magnetic closure opens again and Vespertine becomes a portable light source for activities beyond the daylight.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

Vespertine proposes new lighting habits and allows users to illuminate the most diverse situations with just one device – following what is probably the simplest yet most effective principle of sustainable design: less but better.

From ambient to portable to pendant light, it becomes a modern companion embracing spontaneity instead of cable bound stationarity.

The light features a ribbon for flexible hanging possibilities and a shade that acts as a diffuser for the pendant light and becomes a stand when the luminaire is used as an ambient or table lamp.

Designed for an active lifestyle, it is rugged, weatherproof and has a battery life of up to 12 hours. The body also features a USB-C charging port for independent charging on the go. In mobile mode, the luminaire is dimmable in four steps.

When connected to the charging pendant there is a fifth step with up to 800lm of luminous flux, thus making it capable of illuminating entire spaces.

Based on a circular design approach, there are no welds or adhesive bonds. Vespertine can therefore be easily repaired and broken components can be separated and recycled by material.

By unscrewing the shade, the electronics assembly can be pulled out to replace components such as batteries or the LED board. The structural components are made of injection molded plastics which are PP (shade) and recycled ABS (housing parts).

An intended return program renders Vespertine as a holistic concept, considering both environmental impact and user needs.

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