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Lucie Herter

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Lucie Herter


product design

Project description:

Power failures can happen for a variety of reasons, such as weather disasters or defects in power lines. To avoid panic in the dark, light helps.

Therefore the idea was to create a wall lamp that can also be used as a flash light.

The lamp is characterized by its angle, which makes it possible to illuminate its surroundings. Laid on its back or placed sideways, you can adapt the light source to your personal use.

The lamp recharges itself on the wall module and has an autonomy of 17 hours when disconnected from the power supply. It also has two light levels; by pressing the button, you can choose between atmospheric light, strong torch light or the switch-off function.

What makes it smart / innovative?:

Due to global warming, weather extremes are increasing, which can repeatedly lead to power outages. The demand for electricity is rising very fast. In many parts of the world, there is an energy crisis. Currently there is not enough renewable energy and it is not growing fast enough. There may be power cuts in the future.

Salus charges on the wall module, and in the case of a power failure, the battery integrated in the flash light is activated and the light remains on, despite the absence of power. The flash light has a runtime of 17 hours when fully charged. It recharges on the wall module in 2,5 hours.

The recharging of the lamp works by induction, like an electric toothbrush on its charging station. Due to the directly inserted point of charging, hardly any energy is lost, whereas with an IPhone induction charger about half of the energy is lost.

Furthermore, the lamp has been equipped with LEDs, which are energy efficient. The lamp is made of recycled ABS and all parts can be easily replaced or repaired.

Why is it relevant for the final user?:

The user can easily remove the flash light from the wall module. It can be comfortably taken in the hand. The lamp can be placed in different positions so that one always has the right light depending on the use.

This can be very practical when you are looking for something. On the wall module there is a warm, ambient light (2700K), and when the lamp is used as a torch and the button is pressed once, a strong working light (5000K) appears. When the button is pressed further, the lamp can be switched off.

Salus is an elegant entrance light and has very practical functions on top.

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